Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Final Stretch

It's been a while since I've written an article on this blog. I've been to a lot of activities that made me realize that I'm not progressing. I keep on starting activities but I can't finish a thing.

Now, I know I am much focused and much excited to finish this task.

The task? I'm on my way to create a new blog that would contain tutorial videos of Microsoft Excel. This would teach Filipinos how to familiarize themselves to the greatest application in Personal Computer.

I'm currently doing one video a day for the site and so far I'm doing a great job.

Do you want to see the videos? Wait for it. I'll launch them soon!

By the way, this is my final stretch because I know I have less than thirty days left.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

St. Augustine Parish

Here are the photos and some of the videos I covered for the St. Augustine Parish here in San Cristobal, Parian Calamba City.

Celebrating the Holy Eucharist at St. Augustine Parish.

Zoomed view of  St. Augustine Parish while celebrating the mass

View from the back end of the St. Augustine Parish.
This seat is very distracting because you can hear the noise of the vehicles passing outside the church

The unfinished construction site

Inner wall

Back wall

Unfinished pillars

Left-most pillar

Left pillar

Left side wall
Unfinished flooring and pillars

Here's some video clips to better appreciate my shots.

In case you want to donate : You may deposit them on this account. 
BPI Savings Account 008453-0522-74 St. Augustine Parish.

Comments on tag line are highly appreciated.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 47 : I’m starting to like greeting everyone good morning!

For the past couple of days, I’m sending everyone a good morning message. It felt so good seeing them reply to my message. Some of them are sending back quotes that inspire me. Some of them are replying with a “how are you message?” These replies really felt good.

In fact, what made me feel better is we will be having a date with one person that replied to my short message. We scheduled it this coming Wednesday. We’ll have a little chit chat on what’s going on with each other’s life. So I’m looking forward to it.

I also encountered no response (in fact most of them) but hey that’s okay. As long as my message was received and my message made them feel that someone remembers them. That’s fine with me. No response should not stop me from doing the right thing right?
So tomorrow, I’ll do this again!

See yah on tomorrow’s post!

By the way, before I forgot. I’ll be interviewing the parish priest tomorrow. I have my camera to take more photos of the place to fix the site.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 45 : Contemplating with Questions

After contemplating on the project for the St. Augustine Parish I asked myself the following questions. Also, I’ll ask these questions to the parish priest as well for us to align with our goals and objectives. Well, I guess this can also help other people to ask the right questions to get the right answers before jumping to any conclusion. By the way, these are random questions running through my head so please bear with me if these are not arranged in a beautiful manner.
  • How do we define success?
  • If we accomplished our goals of raising this fund, would that make us successful people?
  • Why do we want to change?
  • What benefits do we receive after changing?
  • Why do other people want to help/buy from us?
  • What do we offer that other competitors do not?
  • What is our story?
  • Why do we need to raise that much?
  • What do we gain or lose after achieving our goals?
  • What are the available resources that we can use?
  • When can we complete this?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What can be used as our leverage?
  • How can we attract the right people that can help us achieve our goal?
  • How badly do I want to achieve this?

I believe that aligning with our goals is the first step this includes the creation of our big emotional why. The emotional why would help us move forward in reaching our goals. With the questions I listed above, I’m hitting the big reason why I want to do this. Honestly, right now I’m having a hard time contemplating the answers to my own questions. I guess I’ll give it a day to think about it.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 44 : Sickness and 27 Million Pesos

Today I didn’t come to work due to coughs and colds.

Anyway, it was a good opportunity for me to rest. So I slept. I ate food to my heart’s content. I drank medicine and I watched movie in my PC.

I also sent a SMS to my friends to keep me sane from my isolation. I don’t want my family members to have colds too.

I sent Fr. Louie a message that I can go to his parish today. To give you a background, Fr. Louie is the parish priest of St. Augustine Parish here in Parian Calamba Laguna.

So at 8PM, my family went to the church to meet Fr Louie.

We talked to him and discussing to him why I’m doing this. I told him that I’m part of 1 million in 90-day challenge.

Then I asked him, how much does it cost to renovate the parish?

He said a whopping 27 million pesos.

Wow. I never expect that this would cost this much.

Then he showed me the artist perspective. Here's the artist perspective of the church. I’ll also post the current photo of the church.

I know I can do this. 


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 43 : Results Oriented Business

I talked to Tito Tony and I realized that I really missed talking to him. I missed his empowerment for a couple of days of no communication or whatsoever. We’re both very busy in our businesses.

Anyway, I’m glad that I talked to him once again. I got his empowerment. I got his wisdom once again. Hooray!

I was amazed how Tito Tony and the group in Cebu manage to help businesses. He develops satisfied customers. Here’s how they’re doing it.

By the way, Tito Tony’s strength is his network and his Marketing Ideas. So he uses this one as leverage.
They attract businesses by giving them new marketing ideas. They create website for them and not charge them until they meet their goals (in the form of sales, number of customers etc). In short, the business ventures they’re entering are win-win situation both in Tito Tony and their business partners.

This scenario enlightened me last night.


Accepting a client and having a domain for him (for free) would really push me (or my team) to the reach that extra mile for me to have a breakeven. Well the charge for the website is limited but the experience I’m getting on these kinds of ventures is priceless.

Now, I’ll be shifting my mindset from a website developer into a results oriented marketer. Good thing I got to talk to Tito Tony before talking to people I’m going to help.

Pursuing great customer service,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 42 : I get used to it and I can’t stop

I just developed a habit. For almost 43 days, I’m been writing my thoughts down on this blog. I could not believe that I could not go to sleep without visiting my MS Word to type in my thoughts that occurred for me for that day.

Anyway, just like any addictions, I can’t stop writing my thoughts down. Even though I’m sick, sleepy, tired or bored – I just can’t help myself but to right my thoughts down.
This is one accomplishment that I don’t think I can do before. It is happening right in front of my eyes. I’m writing one article per day, imagine that.

Anyway, there’s another thing I want to become part of my daily routine just like what I’m doing. It is constantly exercising and building my muscles to the next level. I’ll exercise daily. I’ll do my sit-ups, push-ups and breathing exercises every morning as I wake up. I planned this before but it didn’t materialize after a couple of days.
My goal here is to build a strong and healthy body because I know I have a strong mind already.

If I was able to write on this blog daily), I can exercise everyday as well.

Why am I doing this?

After the series of events that occurred for the past couple of days, I really need to step up and to be strong. I want to be a good protector of my loved ones. And I’m claiming that.

I’ll get used to it and I will not stop.